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Procurement Engineer

Category: Work Type: Location:

Procurement Engineer


Duration: 1 Year

Location: Durham

Vacancies: 1 



Job Description

Provide Nuclear Procurement Engineering oversight, technical and general support. To include but not be limited to: The performance of Nuclear Procurement Engineering evaluations, commercial grade dedications and item equivalency evaluations in support of plant Supply, Operations, Maintenance, Quality and Engineering departments.

Activity: Perform Nuclear Procurement Engineering evaluation, commercial grade dedication and item equivalency evaluations in compliance with standard PE procedures, policies and processes.

Responsibility: The development of accurate, detailed and comprehensive procurement documents to assure that the correct items and services are provided to the plant.

Activity: Provide engineering experience and expertise to the Supply Chain Organization. Utilize field and engineering experience in the production of standard PE products and in the performance of special assignments.

Responsibility: Technical and Engineering support to the Supply Chain Organization.



5-10 years Nuclear Plant Experience

Must be knowledgeable of all industry guidelines and regulatory requirements pertinent to Nuclear Procurement Engineering.

OPG (PE) Procurement Engineer


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